Doctor Specialties
Abner B. Alavazo

Abner B. AlavazoAnesthesia

Adel D. Samson

Adel D. Samson Ophthalmology

Adelfo P. Tuazon Jr.

Adelfo P. Tuazon Jr.Internal Medicine

Adelfo T. Tuazon

Adelfo T. Tuazon Surgery

Adolfo C. Parayno

Adolfo C. ParaynoSurgery

Adora Gaye V. Tiglao-Sicat

Adora Gaye V. Tiglao-Sicat Internal Medicine

Adriano E. Magpali Jr.

Adriano E. Magpali Jr.Internal Medicine, Adult and Interventional Cardiology

Aeden Bernice G. Timbol

Aeden Bernice G. Timbol Internal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Agnes E. Thaebtharm

Agnes E. ThaebtharmDermatology

Agnes M. Gaddi

Agnes M. Gaddi Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology and Colposcopy

Aigeen V. Co

Aigeen V. CoSurgery, General Dentistry

Aileen P. Santos

Aileen P. Santos Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Aileen T. Icban

Aileen T. IcbanPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Ainstein Marie V. Misa

Ainstein Marie V. Misa Rheumatology, Internal Medicine

Alano T. Olivas

Alano T. OlivasCardiology, Internal Medicine

Albert M. Mercado

Albert M. Mercado Surgery, Urology Surgery

Alejandro L. Garcia

Alejandro L. GarciaAnesthesia

Alejandro S. Sese Jr.

Alejandro S. Sese Jr. Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Alexander T. Yap

Alexander T. YapSurgery

Alfonso C. Danac

Alfonso C. Danac Surgery, General Surgery

Alfred Peter Justine E. Dizon

Alfred Peter Justine E. Dizon

Alfredo D. Punsalan

Alfredo D. Punsalan

Alfredo L. Marte II

Alfredo L. Marte IIRadiology

Alfredo N. Naguit Jr.

Alfredo N. Naguit Jr. Surgery, General Surgery

Alizer P. Siapengco

Alizer P. SiapengcoSurgery, General Surgery

Allan A. Policarpio

Allan A. Policarpio Internal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Alvin G. Peñafiel

Alvin G. PeñafielInternal Medicine, Pulmonology

Amelia J. Tan

Amelia J. Tan

Amelia Q. Chua

Amelia Q. ChuaAnesthesia

Amiel S. Valerio

Amiel S. Valerio

Ana Mae C. Cagalaban

Ana Mae C. Cagalaban

Ana Margarita N. Faraon

Ana Margarita N. Faraon Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Analyn S. Reyes

Analyn S. Reyes

Andre Paolo T. Espiritu

Andre Paolo T. Espiritu Surgery, Plastic Surgery

Andrea M. Gaddi

Andrea M. Gaddi

Andrew L. Angeles

Andrew L. Angeles Ophthalmology

Angela A. Alday

Angela A. Alday

Angela D. Batac

Angela D. Batac General Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Angeli T. Espiritu

Angeli T. EspirituPediatrics

Angelica A. Barrenchea

Angelica A. Barrenchea

Angelica Stephanie K. Muñoz

Angelica Stephanie K. MuñozObstetrics and Gynecology

Angelito Alava

Angelito Alava

Angelito D. Tingcungco

Angelito D. TingcungcoRadiology

Angelito U. Medina

Angelito U. Medina Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Angelo M. Tolentino

Angelo M. TolentinoGeneral Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Anisete Cristina Librojo

Anisete Cristina Librojo

Anita Lourdes M. Tesoro

Anita Lourdes M. TesoroAnesthesia

Anna Lizza S. Mañalac

Anna Lizza S. Mañalac Internal Medicine, Neuro Psychiatry

Anna Luz D. Galang

Anna Luz D. Galang

Anna Mae D. Duya

Anna Mae D. Duya

Anna Marie G. Pangilinan

Anna Marie G. Pangilinan

Anna Philina Avelina R. David

Anna Philina Avelina R. David Obstetrics and Gynecology

Annabeth G. Capati

Annabeth G. CapatiObstetrics and Gynecology

Anne M. Lacsamana

Anne M. Lacsamana

Anthea L. Ng

Anthea L. NgInternal Medicine

Anthony C. So

Anthony C. So Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Anthony D. Tayao

Anthony D. TayaoSurgery, Neuro Surgery

Anthony Dexter G. Griño

Anthony Dexter G. Griño Surgery, Urology Surgery

Anthony V. Manlulu

Anthony V. ManluluSurgery

Anton Victorio M. Lugue

Anton Victorio M. Lugue Surgery, General Surgery

Antonette Joyce E. Salazar

Antonette Joyce E. Salazar

Antonio SC. Montalban Jr.

Antonio SC. Montalban Jr. Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Aristides G. Panlilio

Aristides G. PanlilioCardiology, Internal Medicine

Arleen F. Cenizal

Arleen F. Cenizal Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Armand P. Contreras

Armand P. ContrerasOphthalmology

Armin N. Masbang

Armin N. Masbang Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine

Arnel D. Cunan

Arnel D. CunanGeneral Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Arnel G. Bayotas

Arnel G. Bayotas Pathology

Arnel G. Gabriel

Arnel G. GabrielInternal Medicine, Invasive / Interventional Cardiology

Arnold Angelo M. Pineda

Arnold Angelo M. Pineda Internal Medicine, Neurology

Arnold C. Gaña

Arnold C. GañaSurgery

Arnold John D. Baluyut

Arnold John D. Baluyut Surgery, General Surgery

Arnold S. De Guzman

Arnold S. De GuzmanCardiology, Internal Medicine

Arnulfo D. Grageda

Arnulfo D. Grageda Anesthesia

Arthur Joseph M. Marquez

Arthur Joseph M. MarquezAnesthesia

Arturo S. Mendoza III

Arturo S. Mendoza III

Arvin Joseph R. Gamboa

Arvin Joseph R. GamboaAnesthesia

Asuncion R. Asis

Asuncion R. Asis Anesthesia

Audrey T. Yumang

Audrey T. Yumang

Augusto Jose G. Galang

Augusto Jose G. Galang Internal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Aurelia L. Villaraza

Aurelia L. VillarazaInternal Medicine, Endocrinology



Beatrice C. Pineda

Beatrice C. PinedaDermatology

Beatrice S. Vicente

Beatrice S. Vicente Allergology and Immunology, Internal Medicine

Benedict P. Lagman

Benedict P. LagmanSurgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Benedict R. Padrinao

Benedict R. Padrinao Surgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Benjamin D. Arboleda

Benjamin D. Arboleda

Bernice DC. Paule

Bernice DC. Paule

Blanca E. Meneses

Blanca E. MenesesGeneral Dentistry

Brian L. Tiopengco

Brian L. Tiopengco

Brian Victor S. Vargas

Brian Victor S. VargasPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Brillo V. Vargas

Brillo V. Vargas Surgery, Urology Surgery

Bryan Paul D. Sulit

Bryan Paul D. SulitOphthalmology



Carina S. Tiglao

Carina S. Tiglao

Carlo Magno D. Torres

Carlo Magno D. Torres Ophthalmology

Carlo Rodrigo S. Carreon

Carlo Rodrigo S. CarreonInternal Medicine, Endocrinology

Carlos N. Buan

Carlos N. Buan Psychology

Carmelita A. Torno

Carmelita A. TornoPediatrics

Carmelo Nicolas Y. Guintu

Carmelo Nicolas Y. Guintu Anesthesia

Carmen Menchu D. Liwanag

Carmen Menchu D. LiwanagDermatology

Catherine D. Libunao

Catherine D. Libunao Radiology

Cecilia P. Tuazon

Cecilia P. TuazonObstetrics and Gynecology

Cecilio S. Hipolito Jr.

Cecilio S. Hipolito Jr. Surgery

Celina Beatriz S. Dychioco

Celina Beatriz S. Dychioco

Cesar S. Nefulda

Cesar S. Nefulda

Charles Tadeo O. Galang

Charles Tadeo O. GalangCardiology, Internal Medicine, Invasive / Interventional Cardiology

Charmie D. Arribe

Charmie D. Arribe Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Christian Neil C. Sy

Christian Neil C. SyAnesthesia

Christina Sheryll G. Pinpin

Christina Sheryll G. Pinpin

Christine C. Depaynos

Christine C. DepaynosRadiology

Christine G. Quizon

Christine G. Quizon Internal Medicine

Christine R. Basa

Christine R. BasaPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Cladualdo D. Joanino III

Cladualdo D. Joanino III Anesthesia

Concepcion G. Pantig

Concepcion G. PantigObstetrics and Gynecology

Conception J. Baldoz

Conception J. Baldoz Radiology

Conde L. Garcia

Conde L. GarciaAnesthesia

Conrado Allan S. Guevarra

Conrado Allan S. Guevarra Anesthesia

Crisle O. Dychingco

Crisle O. DychingcoSurgery, General Surgery

Crislyn SJ. Samia

Crislyn SJ. Samia Pediatrics

Crisostomo Z. San Jose

Crisostomo Z. San JoseCardiology, Internal Medicine

Cristina C. Urbi

Cristina C. Urbi Pediatrics, Neurology

Cyndette M. Santos

Cyndette M. SantosAnesthesia

Cynthia E. Alfonso

Cynthia E. Alfonso

Daisy N. Punzalan

Daisy N. Punzalan

Danilo M. Vale Cruz

Danilo M. Vale Cruz Surgery, General Surgery

Daphne L. Canivel

Daphne L. Canivel

Darwin C. Darjuan

Darwin C. Darjuan Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Debbie Lynn A. Udarbe

Debbie Lynn A. Udarbe

Debbie Y. Marquez

Debbie Y. Marquez Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Den Lowell L. Dizon

Den Lowell L. DizonSurgery

Dennis N. Uy Cana

Dennis N. Uy Cana Internal Medicine, Pulmonology

Dennis M. De Asis

Dennis M. De AsisSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Dennis R. De Leon

Dennis R. De Leon Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine

Diana T. Maddumba

Diana T. Maddumba

Dinah D. Bognot

Dinah D. Bognot Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Dionella S. Manalastas

Dionella S. ManalastasObstetrics and Gynecology

Dolores Joy O. Rillera

Dolores Joy O. Rillera

Domicias L. Albacite

Domicias L. AlbaciteInternal Medicine, Invasive / Interventional Cardiology

Domingo Regino B. Casiño

Domingo Regino B. Casiño Internal Medicine

Donita D. Bacud

Donita D. Bacud

Duane P. Cordero

Duane P. Cordero Surgery

Dyan P. Docena

Dyan P. DocenaSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery



Ed N. Arceo

Ed N. ArceoAnesthesia

Eden B. Castillo

Eden B. Castillo Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Edgar S. Nicolas Jr.

Edgar S. Nicolas Jr.Internal Medicine

Edgar T. Manalastas

Edgar T. Manalastas Surgery, General Surgery

Edgar Wilson G. Timbol

Edgar Wilson G. TimbolCardiology, Internal Medicine

Edgardo Z. Francisco

Edgardo Z. Francisco Anesthesia

Edgardo D. Tiglao Jr.

Edgardo D. Tiglao Jr.

Edgardo M. Miguel

Edgardo M. Miguel Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Edgardo P. Estanislao

Edgardo P. EstanislaoInternal Medicine, Pulmonology

Edgardo S. Timbol

Edgardo S. Timbol Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Edmundo M. Pasamba

Edmundo M. PasambaInternal Medicine, Nephrology

Eduardo C. Patawaran

Eduardo C. Patawaran Surgery, General Surgery

Eduardo M. Alfonso

Eduardo M. AlfonsoGeneral Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Edwin B. Balajadia

Edwin B. Balajadia General Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Edwin D. Pasumbal

Edwin D. PasumbalInfectious Disease, Internal Medicine

Edwin Del Rosario

Edwin Del Rosario

Edwin Michael Joy B. Pacia

Edwin Michael Joy B. PaciaSurgery, Neuro Surgery

Edwin R. Santos

Edwin R. Santos Internal Medicine

Eileen C. Sy

Eileen C. Sy

Eileen G. Cruz

Eileen G. Cruz Radiology

Eileen U. Dungo

Eileen U. Dungo

Elaine C. Payumo

Elaine C. Payumo Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Invasive / Interventional Cardiology

Elice Marie C. Hizon

Elice Marie C. HizonPediatrics

Elizabeth Anne Y. Medina

Elizabeth Anne Y. Medina

Ellen A. Altez

Ellen A. AltezAnesthesia

Elmer G. Punzalan

Elmer G. Punzalan

Emeline Gail C. Caverte

Emeline Gail C. CaverteInternal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine

Emely L. Pasumbal

Emely L. Pasumbal Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Emerson D. Salvador

Emerson D. SalvadorRadiology

Emiciel Alta C. Gigante

Emiciel Alta C. Gigante

Emiliano B. Tablante

Emiliano B. TablanteSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Emily J. Babasoro

Emily J. Babasoro General Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Eric B. Cruz

Eric B. CruzInternal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine

Eric G. Cu

Eric G. Cu Surgery

Eric Manalo S. Reyes

Eric Manalo S. Reyes

Eric Ray D. Linchangco

Eric Ray D. Linchangco Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine

Ericson M. Salas

Ericson M. SalasSurgery

Erin Cathrina N. Tayag

Erin Cathrina N. Tayag Pediatrics

Erlinda F. Malonzo

Erlinda F. MalonzoAnesthesia

Erma Jean E. Dumas

Erma Jean E. Dumas Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ernesto Martin H. Nepomuceno

Ernesto Martin H. NepomucenoPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Esmeralda L. Patawaran

Esmeralda L. Patawaran

Esther M. Lagat

Esther M. LagatAnesthesia

Estrelita Barreto

Estrelita Barreto

Eugene A. Tongol

Eugene A. TongolInternal Medicine

Eva J. Bansil

Eva J. Bansil

Expedito T. Yala

Expedito T. YalaPediatrics



Faith Aureole C. Bondoc

Faith Aureole C. BondocObstetrics and Gynecology

Federico C. Gomez

Federico C. Gomez Internal Medicine

Felix Emmanuel Z. Gutierrez

Felix Emmanuel Z. GutierrezAnesthesia

Ferdinand C. Lamug

Ferdinand C. Lamug Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Ferdinand P. De Mesa

Ferdinand P. De Mesa

Ferdinand S. Lagunilla

Ferdinand S. Lagunilla

Fernando M. Guevarra

Fernando M. Guevarra

Fleur-De-Lis M. Zapanta

Fleur-De-Lis M. Zapanta Pediatrics

Florencia C. Belmonte

Florencia C. BelmonteObstetrics and Gynecology

Florinda L. Yalung

Florinda L. Yalung Internal Medicine

Francesca Mae T. Pantig

Francesca Mae T. PantigPediatrics, Infectious Disease

Francis Gerard M. Estrada

Francis Gerard M. Estrada Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine

Francis Raymond P. Arkoncel

Francis Raymond P. ArkoncelSurgery, Urology Surgery

Francis T. Chan

Francis T. Chan Surgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Francisca Rosario E. Tan

Francisca Rosario E. TanInternal Medicine, Medical Oncology

Francisco P. Dalangin

Francisco P. Dalangin Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Invasive / Interventional Cardiology

Francoise May A. Sarmiento

Francoise May A. SarmientoCardiology, Internal Medicine

Frederick S. Gabriel

Frederick S. Gabriel Internal Medicine, Adult and Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac Catheterization & Intervention

Froilan A. Canlas

Froilan A. CanlasGeneral Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine



Gabriel B. Jocson

Gabriel B. JocsonCardiology, Internal Medicine

Garry P. Logatoc

Garry P. Logatoc Internal Medicine

Gaudencio A. Villanueva

Gaudencio A. VillanuevaOphthalmology

Gemalyn P. Gueco

Gemalyn P. Gueco

Gemmalyn D. Esguerra

Gemmalyn D. EsguerraPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Genriech N. Reoyan

Genriech N. Reoyan Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

George A. Sy

George A. SySurgery, Neuro Surgery

George Byron L. Ferrer

George Byron L. Ferrer Surgery, Plastic Surgery

Gerard Benedict A. Florendo

Gerard Benedict A. FlorendoAnesthesia

Gerard S. Razon

Gerard S. Razon Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Gertie L. Jimenez

Gertie L. Jimenez

Gil E. Alfonso

Gil E. Alfonso Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Gil Francis S. Pelagio

Gil Francis S. PelagioCardiology, Internal Medicine

Gil M. Maglalang

Gil M. Maglalang Radiology

Gil R. Gueco

Gil R. GuecoSurgery, Neuro Surgery

Gina G. Masangcay

Gina G. Masangcay Obstetrics and Gynecology

Girlie L. David

Girlie L. DavidObstetrics and Gynecology

Girlie M. Reoyan

Girlie M. Reoyan Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Gladys Marie G. Garcia

Gladys Marie G. GarciaObstetrics and Gynecology

Glenna B. Mercado

Glenna B. Mercado Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Godofredo Jose P. Hizon

Godofredo Jose P. HizonSurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Godofredo C. Henson

Godofredo C. Henson Anesthesia

Goldwin Z. Posadas

Goldwin Z. PosadasAnesthesia

Grace G. Enriquez

Grace G. Enriquez Anesthesia, General Anesthesia

Grace M. Nierras

Grace M. NierrasInternal Medicine, Nephrology

Gregorio M. Leonardo

Gregorio M. Leonardo Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Hans Christian A. Balgan

Hans Christian A. BalganPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Harold J. David

Harold J. David Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Harold Michael P. Gomez

Harold Michael P. GomezRheumatology, Internal Medicine

Hazel P. Peñafiel

Hazel P. Peñafiel Cardiology Echocardiography, Internal Medicine

Hector Angel R. Kintanar

Hector Angel R. KintanarSurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Hector Santos Jr.

Hector Santos Jr. Surgery, General Surgery

Hermenegildo Jose B. Zialcita

Hermenegildo Jose B. ZialcitaSurgery, Urology Surgery

Herminio R. Valenzuela Jr.

Herminio R. Valenzuela Jr. Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Hermogenes J. Monroy III

Hermogenes J. Monroy IIISurgery, General Surgery

Hernand B. Tulud

Hernand B. Tulud Family Medicine

Imelda C. Santos

Imelda C. SantosPediatrics

Imelda D. Rivera

Imelda D. Rivera Pathology

Irene C. Manalastas

Irene C. ManalastasGeneral Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Irma D. Kintanar

Irma D. Kintanar Radiology, Radiology

Irmina L.Gomez

Irmina L.Gomez

Ismael G. Ramos

Ismael G. Ramos Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Isser N. Sugay

Isser N. SugayInternal Medicine, Pulmonology

Ivy Karen B. Romero

Ivy Karen B. Romero General Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maternal and Fetal Medicine/ Perinatology

Izza L. italia

Izza L. italia



Jacque Marie C. Hizon

Jacque Marie C. HizonAnesthesia

Jacqueline D. Tiglao

Jacqueline D. Tiglao

Jahziel E. Nudo

Jahziel E. NudoInternal Medicine

Jaime P. Flores

Jaime P. Flores Surgery, General Surgery

James Rommet D. Luz

James Rommet D. Luz

Jan Melvin M. Zapanta

Jan Melvin M. Zapanta Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Janelle A. Campo

Janelle A. CampoPediatrics, General Pediatrics

Janette P. Somera

Janette P. Somera Radiology

Jaren R. Cabudol

Jaren R. Cabudol

Jason King D. Talao

Jason King D. Talao

Jason Rafael A. Maddumba

Jason Rafael A. MaddumbaSurgery, General Surgery and Laparoscopy, Gen. Surgery – Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic

Jasper M. Mamawi

Jasper M. Mamawi Internal Medicine

Jay Alan E. Junio

Jay Alan E. Junio

Jay B. Villavicencio

Jay B. Villavicencio Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Jaynet DC. Tan

Jaynet DC. TanObstetrics and Gynecology

Jayson Aris L. Pagcu II

Jayson Aris L. Pagcu II Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Jayson R. Martin

Jayson R. MartinSurgery, General Surgery

Jean Aileen E. Manalastas

Jean Aileen E. Manalastas

Jean Haidee M. Sadorra

Jean Haidee M. SadorraOphthalmology

Jeffrey A. Pangilinan

Jeffrey A. Pangilinan Surgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Jeffrey L. Patawaran

Jeffrey L. PatawaranInternal Medicine, Adult Cardiology Cardiac Rehabilitation

Jemima E. Manicdao

Jemima E. Manicdao Pediatrics, General Pediatrics

Jenifel J. Baliday

Jenifel J. BalidayAnesthesia

Jenna Marie C. Carlos

Jenna Marie C. Carlos

Jennifel S. Bustos

Jennifel S. BustosAnesthesia

Jennifer O. Gonzales

Jennifer O. Gonzales

Jeremy J. Tan

Jeremy J. TanSurgery, Gen. Surgery, Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery

Jeser B. Unciano

Jeser B. Unciano

Jesi Ellen C. Bautista

Jesi Ellen C. Bautista

Jesus Luis F. Eusebio III

Jesus Luis F. Eusebio III Ophthalmology

Jesusa S. Manarang

Jesusa S. Manarang

Jhonnatan N. Jose

Jhonnatan N. Jose Internal Medicine

Jocelyn T. Cordero-Bumanlag

Jocelyn T. Cordero-BumanlagInternal Medicine

Jodell T. Coates

Jodell T. Coates Surgery, General Surgery

Joel B. Pantig

Joel B. PantigAnesthesia

Joel C. Mendoza

Joel C. Mendoza Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine

Joel L. Patawaran

Joel L. PatawaranOphthalmology

Joel R. Tayo

Joel R. Tayo Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology

Joel T. Ayson

Joel T. AysonPediatrics, General Pediatrics

Joey Benedict D. Tiglao

Joey Benedict D. Tiglao Surgery

Johanna N. Espinosa

Johanna N. Espinosa

John B. Mercado

John B. Mercado Surgery

John Basilio A. De Guzman

John Basilio A. De Guzman

John Carl G. Caparas

John Carl G. Caparas Anesthesia

John Joseph L. Manalo

John Joseph L. ManaloInternal Medicine, Adult and Interventional Cardiology

John T. Tanglao

John T. Tanglao Anesthesia

John Wyeth D. Lumboy

John Wyeth D. Lumboy

John-John V. Kit

John-John V. Kit Internal Medicine

Joman Q. Laxamana

Joman Q. LaxamanaSurgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Jomell C. Julian

Jomell C. Julian Internal Medicine, Hematology

Jonathan S. Paroli

Jonathan S. ParoliOphthalmology

Jose Erwin L. Enriquez

Jose Erwin L. Enriquez

Jose Alejandro D. Lopez

Jose Alejandro D. LopezSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Jose Antonio S. Canono

Jose Antonio S. Canono General Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Jose Bernardo M. Ranada

Jose Bernardo M. RanadaSurgery, General Surgery

Jose Bienson B. Mamangun

Jose Bienson B. Mamangun Internal Medicine, Neuro Psychiatry

Jose Donato A. Magno

Jose Donato A. MagnoCardiology Echocardiography, Internal Medicine

Jose Eduardo DL. Duya

Jose Eduardo DL. Duya Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Jose Ma. Antonio D. Bacani

Jose Ma. Antonio D. BacaniInternal Medicine

Jose P. Tranquilino

Jose P. Tranquilino Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Joselito T. Dychioco

Joselito T. DychiocoSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Joseph Aaron C. Clavio

Joseph Aaron C. Clavio Internal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Joseph Alfie T. Bonifacio

Joseph Alfie T. BonifacioSurgery, General Dentistry

Joseph B. Angeles

Joseph B. Angeles Radiology

Joseph D. Cabantog

Joseph D. CabantogRadiology

Joseph Jude A. Mercado

Joseph Jude A. Mercado Surgery

Joseph Kelvy P. Musngi

Joseph Kelvy P. MusngiInternal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Joseph P. Guevarra

Joseph P. Guevarra Anesthesia

Josephus P. Sibal

Josephus P. SibalCardiology, Internal Medicine

Jovell Ian M. Peregrino

Jovell Ian M. Peregrino Ophthalmology

Joy D. Mallari

Joy D. MallariInternal Medicine, Nephrology

Joyce A. Salvador

Joyce A. Salvador Pediatrics, Neonatology

Juan Paolo V. Teodoro

Juan Paolo V. TeodoroRadiology

Juancho M. Manalo

Juancho M. Manalo Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Juanito Arnel Q. Ayro

Juanito Arnel Q. AyroSurgery, General Surgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Juanito G. Sangalang

Juanito G. Sangalang Internal Medicine, Pulmonology

Judel R. Calma

Judel R. CalmaAnesthesia

Julie T. Pantig

Julie T. Pantig Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Jun Paul D. Castolo

Jun Paul D. CastoloSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Junico T. Visaya

Junico T. Visaya Surgery

Justine Iris C. Yap

Justine Iris C. YapPediatrics, Cardiology

Juvic A. Jimenez

Juvic A. Jimenez Anesthesia

Juvy S. Sampang

Juvy S. Sampang



Kara Melissa T. Torres

Kara Melissa T. TorresDermatology

Kathleen G. Geslani

Kathleen G. Geslani Rheumatology, Internal Medicine

Kathryn Cecille R. Umali

Kathryn Cecille R. UmaliSurgery, General Surgery and Laparoscopy

Katrina Charisse T. Magno

Katrina Charisse T. Magno Ophthalmology

Kenneth C. Calderon

Kenneth C. CalderonInternal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Kristina Therese G. Lagunilla

Kristina Therese G. Lagunilla Internal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Kristine A. Roa

Kristine A. RoaPediatrics

Kristine M. Malig

Kristine M. Malig Radiology

Krystle Anne D. Blasco

Krystle Anne D. Blasco

Kryzia June B. Balneg

Kryzia June B. Balneg Anesthesia

Lalaine Audrey M. Untalan

Lalaine Audrey M. UntalanPediatrics

Lapu-Lapu Arucan

Lapu-Lapu Arucan Family Medicine

Laurence T. Loh

Laurence T. LohSurgery

Lea Marie Y. Angeles

Lea Marie Y. Angeles Pediatrics, General Pediatrics

Leah P. De Guzman

Leah P. De GuzmanInternal Medicine

Lejan L. Lugtu-Ponteres

Lejan L. Lugtu-Ponteres

Lenario T. Santos

Lenario T. SantosFamily Medicine

Leonardo M. Dungca

Leonardo M. Dungca Surgery, General Surgery

Leonardo M. Manabat

Leonardo M. ManabatInternal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Leonora D. Demiar

Leonora D. Demiar Radiology

Leslie N. Sosuan

Leslie N. Sosuan

Liberty D. Cañete

Liberty D. Cañete General Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Lilibeth N. Rivera

Lilibeth N. Rivera

Lorelie M. Baluyut

Lorelie M. Baluyut Dermatology

Loreta C. Filoteo

Loreta C. FiloteoDermatology

Loreto L. Laragan

Loreto L. Laragan Family Medicine

Lorina D. Villanueva

Lorina D. VillanuevaAnesthesia

Ludovico R. Villaruel

Ludovico R. Villaruel Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Luisito L. Sico

Luisito L. SicoFamily Medicine

Lutgardo Caparas Jr.

Lutgardo Caparas Jr.

Luzviminda T. Hecker

Luzviminda T. HeckerInternal Medicine, Hematology

Lyndon L. Bathan

Lyndon L. Bathan Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Lyzette S. Pangilinan

Lyzette S. PangilinanInternal Medicine, Infectious Disease



Ma. Concepcion M. Bernal

Ma. Concepcion M. BernalSurgery, Plastic Surgery

Ma. Eris Angelica M. Dizon

Ma. Eris Angelica M. Dizon Dermatology

Ma. Lourdes G. Lagunilla

Ma. Lourdes G. LagunillaPediatrics

Ma. Lourdes L. David

Ma. Lourdes L. David Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ma. Lucia T. Alvarado

Ma. Lucia T. AlvaradoRadiology

Ma. Luisa F. Reyes

Ma. Luisa F. Reyes Pathology

Ma. Minnie U. Yao

Ma. Minnie U. YaoSurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Ma. Paula Raisa L. Dela Cruz

Ma. Paula Raisa L. Dela Cruz Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Ma. Pompeia T. Hizon

Ma. Pompeia T. HizonPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Ma. Rae Celia M. Angeles

Ma. Rae Celia M. Angeles Ophthalmology

Ma. Rosario M. Punsalan

Ma. Rosario M. PunsalanPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Ma. Rosario Trinidad Pineda

Ma. Rosario Trinidad Pineda Dermatology

Ma. Rosario Victoria C. Tablante

Ma. Rosario Victoria C. TablanteAnesthesia

Ma. Teresa S. Dychioco

Ma. Teresa S. Dychioco General Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ma. Teresa S. Lim

Ma. Teresa S. LimPediatrics

Ma. Theresa D. Pamintuan

Ma. Theresa D. Pamintuan Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Ma. Theresa J. Supan

Ma. Theresa J. SupanPediatrics

Ma. Trinidad Y. Enriquez

Ma. Trinidad Y. Enriquez General Dentistry

Ma. Victoria L. Carlos

Ma. Victoria L. CarlosPediatrics, General Pediatrics

Maileen M. Roa

Maileen M. Roa Pediatrics, Hematology

Manuel M. Manalo Jr

Manuel M. Manalo JrSurgery, Urology Surgery

Marc Angelo P. Hizon

Marc Angelo P. Hizon Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Marc Reinald G. Santiago

Marc Reinald G. SantiagoSurgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Marcela Dianalyn S. Carlos

Marcela Dianalyn S. Carlos

Maria Benilda G. Malig

Maria Benilda G. MaligObstetrics and Gynecology

Maria Carolina T. Gallardo

Maria Carolina T. Gallardo

Maria Dolores S. Mercado

Maria Dolores S. MercadoGeneral Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Maria Eileen R. Dizon

Maria Eileen R. Dizon

Maria Gertrudes M. Inocentes

Maria Gertrudes M. InocentesGeneral Dentistry

Maria Irene G. Yu

Maria Irene G. Yu General Dentistry

Maria Jean Avy G. Dimabuyu

Maria Jean Avy G. DimabuyuPediatrics, General Pediatrics

Maria Juliet E. Macarayo

Maria Juliet E. Macarayo Dermatology

Maria Leticia C. Araullo

Maria Leticia C. AraulloInternal Medicine, Neuro Psychiatry

Maria Louella M. Padua

Maria Louella M. Padua Internal Medicine, Endocrinology

Maria Luisa Cecilia R. Arkoncel

Maria Luisa Cecilia R. ArkoncelInternal Medicine, Endocrinology

Maria Paz Irene L. Bautista

Maria Paz Irene L. Bautista Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Maria Regina S. Vitug

Maria Regina S. Vitug

Maria Svetlana S. Pangilinan

Maria Svetlana S. Pangilinan Pediatrics

Marie Adrianne M. Salunga

Marie Adrianne M. SalungaPediatrics

Marie Antonette T. Lumboy

Marie Antonette T. Lumboy

Marie Carmina S. Yturralde

Marie Carmina S. YturraldeObstetrics and Gynecology

Marifel C. Natividad

Marifel C. Natividad Pediatrics

Marigold A. Sibal

Marigold A. SibalFamily Medicine

Marilyn Y. Orpilla

Marilyn Y. Orpilla Pediatrics

Mario C. Panlilio

Mario C. PanlilioFamily Medicine

Mario Joselito D. Garcia

Mario Joselito D. Garcia Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Mario M. Romero

Mario M. RomeroPediatrics

Maritess H. Tayag

Maritess H. Tayag Pediatrics

Mariza M. Yumang

Mariza M. YumangAnesthesia

Marizel M. Catungal

Marizel M. Catungal Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Mark Homer T. Tiangco

Mark Homer T. TiangcoPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Mark Q. Antonio

Mark Q. Antonio

Marlo B. Manzano

Marlo B. ManzanoAnesthesia

Marlyn Galicia

Marlyn Galicia Pediatrics

Marwin Roman Tadeo M. Manalo

Marwin Roman Tadeo M. ManaloInternal Medicine, Medical Oncology

Mary Ann Diana L. Obrique

Mary Ann Diana L. Obrique Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Mary Ellen L. Catibog

Mary Ellen L. CatibogAnesthesia

Mary Jane S. Montemayor

Mary Jane S. Montemayor Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Mary Lynn D. Angeles

Mary Lynn D. AngelesInternal Medicine, Nephrology

Mary Nel B. Bacalso

Mary Nel B. Bacalso Radiology

Mary-Grace Angelica S. Gomez

Mary-Grace Angelica S. GomezInternal Medicine, Nephrology

Mauricio N. Gatches

Mauricio N. Gatches Surgery, Urology Surgery

Maybelle D. Martin

Maybelle D. MartinPediatrics

Mea Lovella B. Clara

Mea Lovella B. Clara Internal Medicine, Adult Cardiology Cardiac Rehabilitation

Mejie B. Pandato

Mejie B. Pandato

Melanie M. Guinto

Melanie M. Guinto Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Melben P. Samonte

Melben P. SamonteAnesthesia

Melisa C. Lopez

Melisa C. Lopez

Melissa A. Velasquez

Melissa A. VelasquezPediatrics

Meliza B. Frigillana-Pempengco

Meliza B. Frigillana-Pempengco Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Melody B. Franco

Melody B. FrancoPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Melody B. Ursal

Melody B. Ursal

Melody Lim-Ong

Melody Lim-OngDermatology

Mercedita A. Amansec

Mercedita A. Amansec Internal Medicine, Diabetology

Mercedita B. Jocson

Mercedita B. JocsonCardiology, Internal Medicine

Merin T. Calsi

Merin T. Calsi Surgery, General Surgery

Michelle A. Manarang-Pelayo

Michelle A. Manarang-PelayoPediatrics

Michelle D. Go

Michelle D. Go Internal Medicine

Michelle G. Tanglao

Michelle G. TanglaoPathology

Michelle T. Miranda

Michelle T. Miranda Pathology

Minette M. Flores

Minette M. Flores

Miriam C. De Leon

Miriam C. De Leon Radiology

Misael C. Cruz

Misael C. CruzRadiology, Radiation Oncologist

Myl R. Cabangon

Myl R. Cabangon Internal Medicine, Endocrinology

Myra C. Solas

Myra C. SolasObstetrics and Gynecology

Myrna B. Astillero

Myrna B. Astillero Internal Medicine, General Psychiatry

Myrna Grace Mallari-Labrador

Myrna Grace Mallari-LabradorInternal Medicine, Pulmonology

Myrna R. Reblando

Myrna R. Reblando Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Nathan C. Bumanglag

Nathan C. BumanglagPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Nathaniel M. Soliman

Nathaniel M. Soliman Surgery, General Surgery, Urology Surgery

Neil Christian P. Villamucho

Neil Christian P. VillamuchoSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Nelson D. Gomez

Nelson D. Gomez Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Nelson June B. Balisa

Nelson June B. BalisaSurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Nelson M. Ayson

Nelson M. Ayson Surgery, General Surgery

Neresito T. Espiritu

Neresito T. EspirituSurgery, General Surgery

Nicanor B. Dela Cruz

Nicanor B. Dela Cruz Surgery, General Surgery

Nila T. Torres

Nila T. TorresPediatrics

Nilo G. Ramirez

Nilo G. Ramirez

Nines P. Bautista

Nines P. BautistaInternal Medicine, Diabetology

Niña M. Pekson-Reyes

Niña M. Pekson-Reyes Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Noel C. Evangelista

Noel C. EvangelistaSurgery

Noel E. Santos

Noel E. Santos Pathology

Noel G. Yamzon

Noel G. YamzonSurgery, General Surgery

Noel S. Chua

Noel S. Chua Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology

Noelito M. Lacsamana

Noelito M. LacsamanaSurgery, General Surgery

Nonnatus P. Sarmiento

Nonnatus P. Sarmiento Anesthesia

Norberto P. Yumul

Norberto P. YumulCardiology, Internal Medicine

Norberto Q. Salangad

Norberto Q. Salangad Family Medicine

Nova T. Pamintuan

Nova T. PamintuanInternal Medicine, Neurology



Oliver L. Canlas

Oliver L. CanlasInternal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Oliver T. Mallari

Oliver T. Mallari Surgery

Orvie Gem R. Macaspac

Orvie Gem R. MacaspacObstetrics and Gynecology



Patricia A. Bautista

Patricia A. BautistaInternal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine

Patricia F. Tiotuico

Patricia F. Tiotuico Emergency

Patricia Isabel C. Manalastas

Patricia Isabel C. ManalastasOphthalmology

Patricia W. Lopez-Tan

Patricia W. Lopez-Tan Obstetrics and Gynecology

Patrick Louie C. Maglaya

Patrick Louie C. MaglayaSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Paul Anthony T. Koh

Paul Anthony T. Koh Surgery, General Surgery

Paulita Pamela P. Astudillo

Paulita Pamela P. AstudilloOphthalmology

Paulo M. Castillo

Paulo M. Castillo Surgery, Pediatric Surgery

Paulo S. Tioleco

Paulo S. TiolecoInternal Medicine, Medical Oncology

Paulyn M. Gaddi

Paulyn M. Gaddi

Perino P. Pantig

Perino P. PantigAnesthesia

Perlita J. Jumaquio

Perlita J. Jumaquio Anesthesia

Peter Carlo M. Nierras

Peter Carlo M. NierrasCardiology, Internal Medicine

Phil P. Pamintuan

Phil P. Pamintuan Internal Medicine

Primitivo D. Pangan III

Primitivo D. Pangan IIISurgery

Princess M. Limjoco

Princess M. Limjoco Dermatology

Princess May P. Aquino

Princess May P. AquinoGeneral Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology



Rachelle Angeli R. Niñalga

Rachelle Angeli R. NiñalgaPediatrics, Cardiology

Rachelle T. Pineda

Rachelle T. Pineda Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Rafael L. Lising

Rafael L. LisingSurgery, Urology Surgery

Ramiro R. Carungcong

Ramiro R. Carungcong Internal Medicine, Adult and Interventional Cardiology

Ramon A. Katigbak

Ramon A. KatigbakSurgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Ramon B. Cruz

Ramon B. Cruz Radiology

Ramon Jose F. Suarez

Ramon Jose F. SuarezInternal Medicine, Nephrology

Ramon P. Canda

Ramon P. Canda Cardiology Echocardiography, Internal Medicine

Ramsey James S. Barro

Ramsey James S. BarroPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Raoul Paolo D. Henson

Raoul Paolo D. Henson Ophthalmology

Raquel C. Fronda

Raquel C. Fronda

Raul I. Limos

Raul I. Limos Radiology

Raul N. Canlas

Raul N. CanlasInternal Medicine, Gastro-Enterology

Raymond Jude Gerard de Jesus Panlilio

Raymond Jude Gerard de Jesus Panlilio Surgery, General Surgery

Raymond Rodel P. Marquez

Raymond Rodel P. MarquezSurgery, General Surgery

Raymund L. Manuel

Raymund L. Manuel Pediatrics, Pulmonology

Raymundo P. Marquez Jr.

Raymundo P. Marquez Jr.Surgery, General Surgery

Rayzen V. Canono

Rayzen V. Canono General Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, Adult Cardiology Cardiac Rehabilitation

Rector L. Villajuan

Rector L. VillajuanSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Regina P. Ocampo

Regina P. Ocampo Surgery

Regina R. Sarmiento

Regina R. Sarmiento

Reinero T. Tuazon

Reinero T. Tuazon Anesthesia

Reino S. Gran

Reino S. Gran

Remedios G. Eulalia

Remedios G. Eulalia Pediatrics

Remedios O. Ong

Remedios O. OngPathology

Renato D. Lipana Jr.

Renato D. Lipana Jr.

Renato M. Carlos

Renato M. CarlosRadiology

Rene Edgardo C. Manalastas

Rene Edgardo C. Manalastas Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Reneah N. Goingco

Reneah N. GoingcoInternal Medicine

Renito D. Bognot Jr.

Renito D. Bognot Jr. Ophthalmology

Renne G. Toledano

Renne G. ToledanoInternal Medicine, Nephrology

Restituto D. David

Restituto D. David Surgery, General Surgery

Reymundo C. Mandigal

Reymundo C. Mandigal

Reynaldo C. Dizon

Reynaldo C. Dizon Surgery

Reynaldo V. Lopez

Reynaldo V. LopezSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Rhea A. Zervoulakos

Rhea A. Zervoulakos

Rhett Joseph S. Sotto

Rhett Joseph S. SottoInternal Medicine

Rhoby U. Orata

Rhoby U. Orata Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Rhodora Andrea M. Concepcion

Rhodora Andrea M. ConcepcionInternal Medicine, Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Ria Monica D. Asuncion

Ria Monica D. Asuncion Internal Medicine, Neuro Psychiatry

Ricardo E. Pinpin

Ricardo E. PinpinAnesthesia

Ricardo S. Yang

Ricardo S. Yang

Richard Q. Amansec

Richard Q. Amansec

Richard U. Velez

Richard U. Velez Internal Medicine

Ricky V. Gutierrez

Ricky V. Gutierrez

Rico Y. Sampang

Rico Y. Sampang Surgery

Ritchie B. Rebong

Ritchie B. RebongInternal Medicine, Nephrology

Roabini Marivic B. Mayor

Roabini Marivic B. Mayor Anesthesia

Roberto M. Amansec

Roberto M. AmansecSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Roberto M. Yabut

Roberto M. Yabut

Roberto M. Yumul

Roberto M. YumulCardiology, Internal Medicine

Rochelle Ann B. Cubelo

Rochelle Ann B. Cubelo Radiology

Rochelle S. Sumagang

Rochelle S. SumagangOphthalmology

Rolando E. Badiola

Rolando E. Badiola General Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Rolando L. Canivel

Rolando L. CanivelSurgery, General Surgery

Rolando M. Polintan

Rolando M. Polintan

Roma-Myka V. Castillo

Roma-Myka V. Castillo

Romarico M. Azores Jr.

Romarico M. Azores Jr. Surgery, General Surgery and Colorectal Surgery

Romeo Y. Enriquez

Romeo Y. EnriquezInternal Medicine, Neuro Psychiatry

Romerico C. David

Romerico C. David Surgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Rommel G. Malonzo

Rommel G. MalonzoInternal Medicine

Rommel L. Serrano

Rommel L. Serrano Surgery, General Surgery

Romulo G. Ignacio

Romulo G. Ignacio

Romulo G. Lacson

Romulo G. Lacson Family Medicine

Romy G. Alvarez

Romy G. AlvarezAnesthesia

Ronald Antonio N. Reyna

Ronald Antonio N. Reyna Ophthalmology

Ronald Augustine O. Campos

Ronald Augustine O. CamposObstetrics and Gynecology

Ronald D. Guiao

Ronald D. Guiao Internal Medicine

Rosalyn G. Peregrino

Rosalyn G. PeregrinoAnesthesia

Rose Marie R. Liquete

Rose Marie R. Liquete Surgery, Transplant and Vascular

Rose Milma M. Cruz

Rose Milma M. Cruz

Rosequiel P. Villena

Rosequiel P. Villena Pediatrics

Rovie Lynne Joy D. Luz

Rovie Lynne Joy D. Luz

Rowena M. Mangubat

Rowena M. Mangubat Obstetrics and Gynecology

Rowena T. Vergara

Rowena T. VergaraPediatrics

Roy M. Diaz

Roy M. Diaz Surgery

Ruben Emil D. Henson III

Ruben Emil D. Henson IIISurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Ruth Faye R. Sengson

Ruth Faye R. Sengson

Ruth S. Pring

Ruth S. Pring

Ruth Y. Castro

Ruth Y. Castro

Ryan D. Quiambao

Ryan D. QuiambaoSurgery



Salvador R. Garcia

Salvador R. Garcia

Sharon C. Guintu

Sharon C. Guintu

Sheryll J. Magayanes

Sheryll J. MagayanesInternal Medicine, Infectious Disease

Shyla G. Garcia

Shyla G. Garcia

Silvino Enrique B. Pineda

Silvino Enrique B. PinedaSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Sir Emmanuel S. Astudillo

Sir Emmanuel S. Astudillo Surgery, General Surgery, General Surgery and Laparoscopy

Steven O. Chan

Steven O. ChanSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Suzanne P. Degollado

Suzanne P. Degollado Pediatrics

Suzette K. Muñoz

Suzette K. MuñozObstetrics and Gynecology



Thang Ching Lee C. Encarnacion

Thang Ching Lee C. EncarnacionPediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Tracy Jane M. Torres

Tracy Jane M. Torres Anesthesia

Unika Leah C. Angeles

Unika Leah C. AngelesGeneral Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology



Veredigna S. Santos

Veredigna S. SantosFamily Medicine

Vergel A. Quiogue

Vergel A. Quiogue Internal Medicine, Invasive / Interventional Cardiology

Vermie L. Garcia

Vermie L. GarciaSurgery, General Surgery

Vianney Marie C. Mandapat

Vianney Marie C. Mandapat Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental

Victor Felix S. Gaddi

Victor Felix S. GaddiSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Victor D. Tiglao II

Victor D. Tiglao II Anesthesia

Victor S. De Villa

Victor S. De VillaPathology

Victor S. Malonzo

Victor S. Malonzo Surgery, Urology Surgery

Vilma P. Dela Cruz

Vilma P. Dela CruzPediatrics

Virgilio Chito G. Arcebido

Virgilio Chito G. Arcebido Surgery, General Surgery

Vittorio D. Pantig

Vittorio D. PantigSurgery, General Surgery

Vittorio Nicolas F. Malanzo

Vittorio Nicolas F. Malanzo

Vladimir A. Untalan

Vladimir A. UntalanAnesthesia



Walter Omar R. Dizon

Walter Omar R. DizonAnesthesia

Wilhelmina D. Alfonso

Wilhelmina D. Alfonso Family Medicine

Wilner Reinel M. De Guzman

Wilner Reinel M. De GuzmanGeneral Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

Wilson C. Cua

Wilson C. Cua Pediatrics, Endocrinology

Xavier H. Bituin

Xavier H. Bituin



Zarina G. Lorenzo

Zarina G. LorenzoInternal Medicine, Endocrinology

Zarrah Vida D. Dayrit

Zarrah Vida D. Dayrit Obstetrics and Gynecology

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