Doctor Specialties
Adelfo T. Tuazon

Adelfo T. TuazonSurgery

Adolfo C. Parayno

Adolfo C. Parayno Surgery

Aigeen V. Co

Aigeen V. CoSurgery, General Dentistry

Albert M. Mercado

Albert M. Mercado Surgery, Urology Surgery

Alexander T. Yap

Alexander T. YapSurgery

Alfonso C. Danac

Alfonso C. Danac Surgery, General Surgery

Alfredo N. Naguit Jr.

Alfredo N. Naguit Jr.Surgery, General Surgery

Alizer P. Siapengco

Alizer P. Siapengco Surgery, General Surgery

Andre Paolo T. Espiritu

Andre Paolo T. EspirituSurgery, Plastic Surgery

Anthony D. Tayao

Anthony D. Tayao Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Anthony Dexter G. Griño

Anthony Dexter G. GriñoSurgery, Urology Surgery

Anthony V. Manlulu

Anthony V. Manlulu Surgery

Anton Victorio M. Lugue

Anton Victorio M. LugueSurgery, General Surgery

Antonio SC. Montalban Jr.

Antonio SC. Montalban Jr. Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Arnold C. Gaña

Arnold C. GañaSurgery

Arnold John D. Baluyut

Arnold John D. Baluyut Surgery, General Surgery

Benedict P. Lagman

Benedict P. LagmanSurgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Benedict R. Padrinao

Benedict R. Padrinao Surgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Blanca E. Meneses

Blanca E. MenesesGeneral Dentistry

Brillo V. Vargas

Brillo V. Vargas Surgery, Urology Surgery

Cecilio S. Hipolito Jr.

Cecilio S. Hipolito Jr.Surgery

Crisle O. Dychingco

Crisle O. Dychingco Surgery, General Surgery

Danilo M. Vale Cruz

Danilo M. Vale CruzSurgery, General Surgery

Den Lowell L. Dizon

Den Lowell L. Dizon Surgery

Dennis M. De Asis

Dennis M. De AsisSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Duane P. Cordero

Duane P. Cordero Surgery

Dyan P. Docena

Dyan P. DocenaSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery



Edgar T. Manalastas

Edgar T. ManalastasSurgery, General Surgery

Edgardo M. Miguel

Edgardo M. Miguel Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Eduardo C. Patawaran

Eduardo C. PatawaranSurgery, General Surgery

Edwin Michael Joy B. Pacia

Edwin Michael Joy B. Pacia Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Emiliano B. Tablante

Emiliano B. TablanteSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Eric G. Cu

Eric G. Cu Surgery

Ericson M. Salas

Ericson M. SalasSurgery



Ferdinand C. Lamug

Ferdinand C. LamugSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Francis Raymond P. Arkoncel

Francis Raymond P. Arkoncel Surgery, Urology Surgery

Francis T. Chan

Francis T. ChanSurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)



Genriech N. Reoyan

Genriech N. ReoyanSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

George A. Sy

George A. Sy Surgery, Neuro Surgery

George Byron L. Ferrer

George Byron L. FerrerSurgery, Plastic Surgery

Gil R. Gueco

Gil R. Gueco Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Glenna B. Mercado

Glenna B. MercadoSurgery, Neuro Surgery

Godofredo Jose P. Hizon

Godofredo Jose P. Hizon Surgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Hector Angel R. Kintanar

Hector Angel R. KintanarSurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Hector Santos Jr.

Hector Santos Jr. Surgery, General Surgery

Hermenegildo Jose B. Zialcita

Hermenegildo Jose B. ZialcitaSurgery, Urology Surgery

Herminio R. Valenzuela Jr.

Herminio R. Valenzuela Jr. Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Hermogenes J. Monroy III

Hermogenes J. Monroy IIISurgery, General Surgery



Jaime P. Flores

Jaime P. FloresSurgery, General Surgery

Jason Rafael A. Maddumba

Jason Rafael A. Maddumba Surgery, General Surgery and Laparoscopy, Gen. Surgery – Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic

Jay B. Villavicencio

Jay B. VillavicencioSurgery, Neuro Surgery

Jayson Aris L. Pagcu II

Jayson Aris L. Pagcu II Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Jayson R. Martin

Jayson R. MartinSurgery, General Surgery

Jeffrey A. Pangilinan

Jeffrey A. Pangilinan Surgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Jeremy J. Tan

Jeremy J. TanSurgery, Gen. Surgery, Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery

Jodell T. Coates

Jodell T. Coates Surgery, General Surgery

Joey Benedict D. Tiglao

Joey Benedict D. TiglaoSurgery

John B. Mercado

John B. Mercado Surgery

Joman Q. Laxamana

Joman Q. LaxamanaSurgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Jose Alejandro D. Lopez

Jose Alejandro D. Lopez Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Jose Bernardo M. Ranada

Jose Bernardo M. RanadaSurgery, General Surgery

Jose P. Tranquilino

Jose P. Tranquilino Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Joselito T. Dychioco

Joselito T. DychiocoSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Joseph Alfie T. Bonifacio

Joseph Alfie T. Bonifacio Surgery, General Dentistry

Joseph Jude A. Mercado

Joseph Jude A. MercadoSurgery

Juanito Arnel Q. Ayro

Juanito Arnel Q. Ayro Surgery, General Surgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Jun Paul D. Castolo

Jun Paul D. CastoloSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Junico T. Visaya

Junico T. Visaya Surgery

Kathryn Cecille R. Umali

Kathryn Cecille R. UmaliSurgery, General Surgery and Laparoscopy



Laurence T. Loh

Laurence T. LohSurgery

Leonardo M. Dungca

Leonardo M. Dungca Surgery, General Surgery

Ludovico R. Villaruel

Ludovico R. VillaruelSurgery, Neuro Surgery

Lyndon L. Bathan

Lyndon L. Bathan Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Ma. Concepcion M. Bernal

Ma. Concepcion M. BernalSurgery, Plastic Surgery

Ma. Minnie U. Yao

Ma. Minnie U. Yao Surgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Ma. Trinidad Y. Enriquez

Ma. Trinidad Y. EnriquezGeneral Dentistry

Manuel M. Manalo Jr

Manuel M. Manalo Jr Surgery, Urology Surgery

Marc Reinald G. Santiago

Marc Reinald G. SantiagoSurgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Maria Gertrudes M. Inocentes

Maria Gertrudes M. Inocentes General Dentistry

Maria Irene G. Yu

Maria Irene G. YuGeneral Dentistry

Marietta P. Yturralde

Marietta P. Yturralde Surgery

Mauricio N. Gatches

Mauricio N. GatchesSurgery, Urology Surgery

Merin T. Calsi

Merin T. Calsi Surgery, General Surgery

Nathaniel M. Soliman

Nathaniel M. SolimanSurgery, General Surgery, Urology Surgery

Neil Christian P. Villamucho

Neil Christian P. Villamucho Surgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Nelson June B. Balisa

Nelson June B. BalisaSurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Nelson M. Ayson

Nelson M. Ayson Surgery, General Surgery

Neresito T. Espiritu

Neresito T. EspirituSurgery, General Surgery

Nicanor B. Dela Cruz

Nicanor B. Dela Cruz Surgery, General Surgery

Noel C. Evangelista

Noel C. EvangelistaSurgery

Noel G. Yamzon

Noel G. Yamzon Surgery, General Surgery

Noelito M. Lacsamana

Noelito M. LacsamanaSurgery, General Surgery



Oliver T. Mallari

Oliver T. MallariSurgery



Patrick Louie C. Maglaya

Patrick Louie C. MaglayaSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Paul Anthony T. Koh

Paul Anthony T. Koh Surgery, General Surgery

Paulo M. Castillo

Paulo M. CastilloSurgery, Pediatric Surgery

Primitivo D. Pangan III

Primitivo D. Pangan III Surgery

Rafael L. Lising

Rafael L. LisingSurgery, Urology Surgery

Ramon A. Katigbak

Ramon A. Katigbak Surgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Raymond Jude Gerard de Jesus Panlilio

Raymond Jude Gerard de Jesus PanlilioSurgery, General Surgery

Raymond Rodel P. Marquez

Raymond Rodel P. Marquez Surgery, General Surgery

Raymundo P. Marquez Jr.

Raymundo P. Marquez Jr.Surgery, General Surgery

Rector L. Villajuan

Rector L. Villajuan Surgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Regina P. Ocampo

Regina P. OcampoSurgery

Rene Edgardo C. Manalastas

Rene Edgardo C. Manalastas Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Restituto D. David

Restituto D. DavidSurgery, General Surgery

Reynaldo C. Dizon

Reynaldo C. Dizon Surgery

Reynaldo V. Lopez

Reynaldo V. LopezSurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Rhoby U. Orata

Rhoby U. Orata Surgery, Neuro Surgery

Rico Y. Sampang

Rico Y. SampangSurgery

Roberto M. Amansec

Roberto M. Amansec Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Rolando L. Canivel

Rolando L. CanivelSurgery, General Surgery

Romarico M. Azores Jr.

Romarico M. Azores Jr. Surgery, General Surgery and Colorectal Surgery

Romerico C. David

Romerico C. DavidSurgery, ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Rommel L. Serrano

Rommel L. Serrano Surgery, General Surgery

Rose Marie R. Liquete

Rose Marie R. LiqueteSurgery, Transplant and Vascular

Roy M. Diaz

Roy M. Diaz Surgery

Ruben Emil D. Henson III

Ruben Emil D. Henson IIISurgery, Otolaryngology (Head, Neck Surgery)

Ryan D. Quiambao

Ryan D. Quiambao Surgery

Silvino Enrique B. Pineda

Silvino Enrique B. PinedaSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular

Sir Emmanuel S. Astudillo

Sir Emmanuel S. Astudillo Surgery, General Surgery, General Surgery and Laparoscopy

Steven O. Chan

Steven O. ChanSurgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular



Vermie L. Garcia

Vermie L. GarciaSurgery, General Surgery

Victor Felix S. Gaddi

Victor Felix S. Gaddi Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery

Victor S. Malonzo

Victor S. MalonzoSurgery, Urology Surgery

Virgilio Chito G. Arcebido

Virgilio Chito G. Arcebido Surgery, General Surgery

Vittorio D. Pantig

Vittorio D. PantigSurgery, General Surgery



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