Temporary Pacemaker Insertion is the use of an electrical device called a pacemaker to help the heart beat regularly while the patient is in the hospital. The pacemaker uses wires to deliver electrical signals to the heart, if needed. The electric signals will cause the heart to beat in a regular pattern.

Temporary pacemaker is also performed to reduce hemodynamic compromise of brady-arryhtmias during cardiac catheterization. It is also performed to rescue patients after the development of transient brady-arrhythmias or as an intermediate step towards a permanent pacemaker implantation.

Patient Preparation

If an abnormal heart rhythm is life threatening or the patient has an urgent medical problem related to the heart, a temporary pacemaker is placed without delay or special preparation.

The patient is immediately transferred at Catheterization laboratory after consent and was secured.

The patient’s groin will be shaved as access for the procedure.

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