Electromyogram and NCV are done when you are found to have muscles sore and weak muscle and you do not know the cause. This is also done because of having pain or cramping, tingling or numbness, and muscle weakness. By having this procedure, your doctor will find out if you have a muscular or a nerve problem. Electromyography measure muscles responding to the nerve signals sent by the brain for them to get to work. The test tells you if you have damaged nerve.

Patient Preparation

No special preparation is needed. Your doctor might tell you things what to do or not.
If you have pacemaker, you should tell your doctor before she schedules NCS or EMG.


Our technician is the person who actually does the NCS or EMG. Nerve conduction study: The technician puts and stimulating electrode on your skin over the nerve, this electrode sends mild electrical impulse to the nerve then it records the nerve’s response. The procedure will tell if you have a healthy or a damaged nerve. NCS is usually done before EMG. Electromyography: this study will make you feel a little more uncomfortable. It uses electrodes on the skin and a very thin needle that penetrates the skin and goes into your muscles

You be instructed on how to relax and contract (flex) your muscles. If EMG shows negative result, your doctor may look for other causes of your muscle soreness or weakness.

After the Studies

No known serious complications. If you notice swelling on your needle inserted site, tell your doctor.

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