It was in 2010 that a group of ophthalmologists from Central Luzon gathered together to put up the very first state of the art Ophthalmic Diagnostic Center to cater to the needs of patients in Pampanga and the surrounding areas. With the introduction of the OCT (Ophthalmic Coherence Tomography), fluorescein angiography and the Octopus Perimeter, a new era opened the way for the early diagnosis of glaucoma, precise evaluation/treatment monitoring of vascular diseases like diabetic and hypertensive retinopathies, neovascular glaucoma, age related macular degenerations, other vaso occlusive diseases. Occult maculopathies and much more. Today, CLEDX (Central Luzon Eye Doctors’ Diagnostics Inc.), located at the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center, has evolved into a therapeutic laser center also with its YAG and the latest pattern Yellow laser for standard focal, Pan Retinal and even micro pulse procedures for both retina and glaucoma specialists who do the official readings for the convenience of the referring doctors. Results are generally ready within the week or even earlier for pick up and if necessary on line. The center is open to all ophthalmologists and even accepts referrals from internists and endocrinologists. Philhealth and HMOs are accepted.


Product/Machine Names
Octopus 300 Perimeter

A compact perimeter for every glaucoma practice.

Zeiss Visucam NM/FA

To examine the back of the eye using photography. It is used to help the doctor decide on the best form of treatment for the eye condition.

Optovue(OCT Scan)

OCT scanner used for retina and glaucoma imaging and analysis. It is used to visualize the retinal tissue with ultra-high clarity in a fraction of seconds.

OptovueAppayag Laser

It is used to treat posterior capsular opacification after cataract surgery and to create a peripheral iridotomy in patients with narrow angles or angle closure glaucoma.

LightMed TruScan(Pattern Scanning Laser)

Used for pan retinal, focal, and macular grid photocoagulation in the setting of proliferative and non proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

If you have question on the procedures, please call (045) 625 2999 local 2487

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