Chemotherapy and Blood Transfusion Unit opened last September 9, 2011. Chemotherapy and Blood Transfusion Unit is established to provide safe and quality patient focused clinical care to ambulatory patients requiring intravenous chemotherapy and blood transfusion as part of their cancer care management. Chemotherapy and Blood Transfusion Unit specializes in intravenous chemotherapy administration, blood transfusion, pulse therapy, comprehensive assessment of cancer patients and the effectiveness of treatment, management of side effects and in the provision of emotional support and health education to cancer patients and their families.


Intravenous Chemotherapy

Intravenous chemotherapy is a method to put chemotherapeutic drugs into the bloodstream.

Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Intrathecal Chemotherapy is a treatment in which chemotherapeutic such as (Cytarabine and Methotrexate) were injected via spinal needle into the fluid-filled space between thin layers of tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord that allows the medication reach cancer cells.

Bone Marrow Aspiration

A procedure in which a small sample of bone marrow is obtained through a needle for microscopic examination.

Blood Transfusion

A blood transfusion is a procedure in which a person receives blood through an intravenous line inserted into one of the blood vessels. It is necessary to replace blood lost during surgery, a serious injury or if the body can’t make blood properly because of illness.

Pulse Therapy

Pulse therapy is a therapeutic regimen in which large dose of medication is given intermittently to decrease side effects and be able to enhance therapeutic outcomes.


Phlebotomy is done by taking a blood from circulatory system via incision or venoclygis as part of treatment regimen for some blood disorders such as hemochromatosis, polycythemia-vera, porphyria cutanea tarda, sickle and cell disease.

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