The CCU is a specialized area located at 3rd floor Medical Tower adjacent to the visitors’ elevator. It was on July 8, 2015 when the unit was separated from ICU located at 4th floor wherein, the bed capacity was increased from 3 to 6 CCU beds intended for patients with active cardiac condition requiring special care. It is equipped with monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic devices of cardiac medical patients requiring continuous comprehensive and highly technical medical and nursing care administered by a skilled staff trained in handling such cases.

All patients eligible for CCU admission or transfer must primarily have an active cardiac condition limited to the following:

1. Patients with chest pain, acute coronary syndrome, and acute myocardial
2. Acute decompensated heart failure
3. Pulmonary hypertension
4. Arrhythmias, stable/unstable that needs close monitoring (e.g. new onset atrial flutter, sustained supraventricular arrhythmia, second degree or complete heart block, symptomatic bradycardia)
5. Sudden cardiac death
6. Cardiogenic shock
7. Adult and pediatric congenital heart disease (decompensated)
8. Valvular heart disease with hemodynamic instability
9. Aortic dissection
10. Hypertensive emergency
11. Cardiac tamponade
12. Pulmonary embolism (massive or sub massive)
13. Post procedure monitoring (percutaneous coronary intervention, peripheral artery intervention, hemodynamic studies, percutaneous mitral commissurotomy, balloon aortic valvotomy, percutaneous closure of ASD or VSD, endomyocardial biopsy, temporary and permanent pacemaker insertion and electrophysiologic studies)
14. Post open heart surgery (CABG, valve surgery, congenital heart anomaly repair)

If you have question on the procedures, please call (045) 625 2999 local 2317

MacArthur Highway Angeles City, Philippines

(045) 625 2999