The Section of Computed Tomography offers routine and specialized CT scan examinations. The Section is composed of professionals who are well trained and board-certified Radiologists and Radiologic Technicians. This ensures that CT examinations are done safely and results are accurate and reliable.


Hours of operation of the CT scan services are as follows:
Mondays to Fridays: 8:00am to 10:00pm
Saturdays to Sundays: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Requests are accepted on a first come – first served basis

CT Scan Non Invasive Procedure

Abdominal aortography
Adrenal / kidney’s plain
Adrenal/ Kidney’s contrast
Bone 3D
Brain CT angiography
Cardiac Calcium Scoring
Cervical Spine, plain
Cervical spine, Contrast
Chest, Plain
Chest, contrast
Cranial, plain
Cranial, contrast
Ct stonogram
Extremity /Joints, Plain
Extremity/ Joints, Contrast
High Resolution Protocol, plain
High Resolution Protocol, contrast
Hip, plain
Hip, contrast
KUB, contrast
Lower abdomen, plain
Lower abdomen, contrast
Lumbo Sacral spine, plain
Lumbo Sacral spine, contrast
Mandible, plain
Mandible, contrast
Mastoid/ Temporal Bone, plain
Mastoid/ Temporal Bone, contrast
Nasopharynx, plain
Nasopharynx, contrast
Neck carotid CT Angiography
Neck, plain
Neck, contrast
Orbits, plain
Orbits, contrast
Oro-nasopharynx, plain
Oro-nasopharynx, contrast
Pelvis, plain
Pelvis, contrast
Peripheral Extremity Angiography
Paranasal Sinuses, plain
Paranasal Sinuses, contrast
PNS/FEES Protocol, plain
PNS/FEES Protocol, contrast
Pulmonary artery CT angiogram
Renal/ liver Dynamic
Renal Artery angiography
Sella Turcica
Thoracic Aorta angiography
Thoracic Aorta, plain
Thoracic Aorta, contrast
Thoracic Spine, plain
Thoracic Spine, contrast
Upper abdomen, plain
Upper abdomen, contrast
Virtual endoscopy chest, plain
Virtual endoscopy chest, contrast
Virtual endoscopy whole abdomen
Whole abdomen plain, with oral contrast
Whole Abdomen, plain
Whole Abdomen, contrast
Whole Abdomen, Dynamic

CT Scan Invasive Procedure

CT guided lung Biopsy
CT guided liver Biopsy
Thoracic Spine Biopsy
Lumbar Spine Biopsy
Cysts (Alcohol) Ablation

Contrast CT Scan Procedures
Requirements prior to scheduling and performance of Contrast CT Scan procedures:

Doctor Request / Referral.

Submission of prior CT scan Film, X-ray, MRI, and Ultrasound.

Creatinine result done at least 2 weeks prior to the present Ct scan.

4 hours fasting
If patient is diabetic and his taking Metformin, need to consult the doctor and ask if it is ok not to intake Metformin for 48 hours before and 48 hrs. after the procedure because of the contraindication of contrast and metformin.

For pediatric patients, contact an anesthesiologist, ask when the time he/she is available is and what will be the preparation.

Patient Preparation

Preparation for Whole abdomen, lower abdomen, and pelvic Oral contrast and IV contrast

The patient is instructed to eat light evening meal the night before the procedure.

Take 120 ml of Lactulose at 6 pm the day before the scheduled procedure mix contrast (microbar) 1(Litre)of water and to taken on the following time:
1cup or 250 ml at_____
1cup or 250 ml at_____
1cup or 250 ml at_____

Nothing per Orem (NPO) after 12 midnight then report to the CT scan section at the scheduled time.
Preparation for Upper abdomen Oral and IV contrast

Nothing per Orem (NPO) after midnight

Report to the CT scan section 1 hour prior to the schedule/appointment.

Patient must drink 1 glass / 200 ml. of barium suspension 30 minutes prior to scan

List of procedure that requires Full Bladder only:
Whole Abdomen Plain
CT Stonogram

If you have question on the procedures, please call (045) 625 2999 local 2427

MacArthur Highway Angeles City, Philippines

(045) 625 2999