The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is located at the 4th floor Medical tower building and is interconnected with the OR/DR Complex. The unit has eight (8) incubators/isolettes and twenty-nine (29) bassinets and caters patients ages 0-28 days of life. It comprises of six (6) major rooms including: one (1) NICU room, one (1) isolation room, two (2) Septic Inborn rooms, one (1) Septic Outborn room and one (1) transition/Observation room.

The receiving area which is adjacent to the OR/DR Complex is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment for rendering newborn care and neonatal resuscitative measures. The unit also has two (2) Nurses’ station situated near the NICU room and one in front of the main door that serves as reception area as well. The unit also has a Breastfeeding room that can accommodate mothers and patients to facilitate latching and skin-to-skin contact.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides quality health services to neonates, newly born and septic neonates. Neonatal services shall be separate and apart from other hospital services and especially from potential sources of infections. Access to the unit shall be controlled to ensure security and safety of all infants and considering well their confidentiality.

If you have question on the procedures, please call (045) 625 2999 local 2411

MacArthur Highway Angeles City, Philippines

(045) 625 2999