Established in 2008, the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center Clinical Research Team are a group of dedicated clinical researchers whose specialties in autoimmunity, cardiology and pulmonology help pave the way for the introduction of new drugs into the market through collaboration with local and international researchers as a site for investigational products to be tried to a target population. The Angeles University Foundation Medical Center Clinical Research Team are GCP trained and have undergone rigorous training to ensure that the patients safety and welfare is our highest priority.


What is a Clinical Trial for Investigational Products?

A Clinical trial is a form of research where an investigational product like a drug is introduce to a specific target population and records it’s effects and side effects and whether such investigational product will be of benefit to a specific disease or condition.

What do I do if I am interested in applying ad a subject for a clinical trial?

First and foremost, this is a voluntary undertaking. You must meet the requirements of the study by having the specific characteristics and disease to be tried. For those willing, an informed consent is requested and once signed a subject undergoes a screening test. These tests determine whether a subject is eligible to enter the trial or not. If a subject is eligible, a battery of tests plus the investigational product is introduced. Safety is the utmost concern of the trial and the subject is oftentimes tested to determine for any untoward event. The subject will be checked regularly using a predetermined visit schedule and checked for effects and adverse events. The trial may last for six months or more and the subject may withdraw anytime if they so wish.

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